Hazrat Abbas Ibn Abdul Muttalib

on Saturday, August 3, 2013

His name is Abbas. The name of his father is Abdul Muttalib. The name of his mother is Naila. Abbas and prophet Muhammad were almost of the same age. But historians think, he was born two or three years before the birth of Rasulullah. They were very good friends.

In childhood, Hazrat Abbas was lost one day. His mother had pledged to adorn Masjidul-Haram, if he was back. He was found, and his mother completed her pledge. His relation with the messenger of Allah was very cordial. Rasulullah used to respect him much. He was an aristocrat man of Kuraish. He was opulent too. He took the responsibility of Jafar Ibn Abi Talib to remove the crisis of Abu Talib. He was undoubtedly a magnanimous man from the beginning. He didn’t accept Islam at the beginning, but he was a very good with Muslims.

Hazrat Abbas didn’t harm Islam anyhow rather he protected Muslims with his best effort. He patronized Muslims though he was yet to be a Muslim. He saved Muslims in their miserable days. He was always dedicated to preventing the torture on Muslims. He was present during the oath of 2nd Akaba. At that time, he was a witness of that event, 72 Ansars were present there to take the oath. Hazrat Abbas asked them “Will you protect Muhammad with your best efforts?” They confessed. This showed clearly that he was an authentic man who patronized Muslims.

He was arrested in Badar battle. Actually, he didn’t come to fight willingly. He was compelled to fight as the disbelievers of Makkah were planning to eradicate the name of Islam forever. That’s why Rasulullah told the Mujahids of Islam not to harm the Hashemi’s. He was arrested along Akil the brother of Ali. After this event, he was converted to Islam. Hazrat Abbas fought in other battles of Islam valiantly. Rasulullah used to respect him greatly. Once, Rasulullah was talking to Umar and Abu Bakar in the mosque. At that time, Hazrat Abbas entered the mosque and Rasulullah reduced his voice. When Abbas left the mosque, Abu Bakr asked Rasulullah about the fact. Then Rasulullah told them about his place of respect.

Hazrat Abu Bakar also used to respect him greatly. When Abbas would come to his meetings, he used to stand aside from his own place and let him sit. Hazrat Omar also respected him very much. Whenever He would see him, he used to descend from his horse.

Hazrat Abbas was absolutely a respectful man. He passed away during the khelafat of Usman. The year was 32 Hijri. The leader of believers Usman was the Imam of his Zanaja. He was the worrier of Islam. He was the worrier of light. May Allah Dignify him and reward him the best.

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