Birmingham Central Mosque

on Monday, August 5, 2013

The United Kingdom is one of those European countries in which there is a large number of Muslim population. Also, there is a large number of mosques in the United Kingdom, but if we talk about the popular mosques in the United Kingdom then ”Birmingham Central Mosque” is of course one of them. It is situated in the high gate area of Birmingham. Though there are some other mosques in Birmingham but the significance of Birmingham Central Mosque is that it is the largest Muslim mosque in Europe.

The mosque is said to have a large capacity for both men and women. There are almost 4,000 people can be accommodated in Birmingham Central Mosque during the prayers, but these numbers grow higher on festivals like “Eid” where the number reaches almost 20,000 people. Birmingham Central Mosque is the center of attention for European Muslims. Also lots of people visit the Birmingham Central Mosque for educational purposes.

Birmingham Central Mosque is made operational by the Birmingham Central trust as the funds are being raised by different communities. Birmingham Central Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Birmingham. Initially, there were a number of problems faced by the trustees of the mosque as there were insufficient balances and funds to complete the mosque. Later on, with the effort of the mosque trustees, there were enough funds raised which made it possible to complete Birmingham Central Mosque. Birmingham Central Mosque was completed in the year 1969. However, it took more than 5 years to open Birmingham Central Mosque for the religious practice.

There were constant developments made in the Mosque. The golden dome was added to the mineral in the year 1981. Finally after 1986, the Mosque was allowed to have prayers. Unfortunately, Birmingham Central Mosque was partially damaged as a result of fire.

Like other community centers in Europe, Birmingham Central Mosque is also known to be a place where Muslims can get lectures as Islamic teachings are available at Birmingham Central Mosque for both children and adults at the same time. There are lots of seminars held in Birmingham Central Mosque in order to make sure that people have enough awareness about the teachings of Islam. As far as the management is concerned, Birmingham Central Mosque has a board that is responsible for all of the activities of the mosque. There is a marriage bureau established in the Mosque in order to facilitate the Muslim community. Doctor MA Qureshi is the founder of Birmingham Central Mosque as he is the one who came up with the idea of building it. Birmingham Central Mosque is not only prominent in its activities, but the mosque has also privilege of having a number of prominent visitors. Imam of Khana Kaba also visited the Birmingham Central Mosque.

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