Is Media to blame for the corruption of our youth?

on Monday, August 5, 2013

As we find a rotting seed sitting in our society, we go forward to fish out something to put the blame on, and scrape by the alley as clean and innocent. It is in human nature to try to justify his cause, and lean towards that side which supports his actions and seem brighter for him, if not for the others around.

Today, we see the youth of any nation, any country inclining towards the “evil” path, and the destruction of their minds and spirits takes place in front of our eyes, yet we ask; “What is destroying our children?”

Debates about this topic can make a forum work because this issue has to grow more, and the causes behind are several. One such culprit behind making our youngsters a flop for the future, which also is concluded to be the major contributor to the tragedy that has befall us, is the one and only “media.”

Let’s see what really media does. Media is for many purposes, or say, the technology of our today’s modern world is invented to make life easier for us, which of course, can be done in several ways. Hence, it is agreed that either technology or media are in front of us for different reasons. It is also agreed that without technology, many things taking place that has benefitted us in a way no other option could have managed to do. Technology solves a lot of problems that had us frustrated. We communicate instantly, we have luxury, we are facilitated, and above all, we are among many in the run of becoming a first-world country.

However, people from us began to make bad use of technology. They invented things that could help them corrupt the world, and give them the supreme power of upper hand. Media is merely one such an example.

Indeed media is behind all this corruption. Indeed technology is behind the languorous attitude of youth. Indeed advancement is behind the increased number of failures.

Media promotes vulgarity, indiscipline, wickedness, greed, misunderstandings, and damages foreign relations. Media is what tempts a young mind into things that are not only immoral, but against his religion. Media exaggerates and twists a fact to spread misunderstanding. Media causes differences in relations and encourages the evil of society to prosper. Media has disrupted and has turned the decency and modesty of a close relationship into something that is worth not naming.

There are hundreds of channels that air Indian and American movies. There are hundreds of channels that broadcast sheer nonsense drama serials, and there are hundreds of channels that give never-ending talk shows on politics. That is all media is composed of.

Our young girls watch drama serials with heavy interest. What do they promote? While avoiding to publicly naming few channels that play the most important role in contaminating youngsters’ mind into encouraging aggression with blood-relations, they are also polluting the decency of the most dignified relations such as of in-laws and steps. What is this? These drama serials that claim to be Pakistani are merely demonstrating/encouraging those deeds and evils that are forbidden in Islam. Perhaps they have forgotten that Pakistan is a country following Islamic Shariah.

Hardly there is one or two that at least have the courtesy to maintain the essence of Islam and its teachings.

While we’re at it, I do not blame the media for exhibiting such things. That is because their justification is very reasonable. They are only doing their work of providing entertainment, and then checking the stats of the most likeable serial and acting accordingly in making new alike projects. They want to earn more and more, don’t they? It is we who are favoring the said above demonstrations and enjoying the particular stories, because evilness is undoubtedly pleasurable for an ordinary human.

Our young boys watch action movies since they find a lot of entertainment in them. When a young mind is like a frustrated animal that seeks what gives him pleasure, then no doubt these movies do not settle anything other than violence, crudeness, and foreign culture. The evil that is waiting to get feeding in them leap out onto what is pleasurable, and unconsciously imprint it into his mind. The worst thing is, every youngster knows all about it since he’s not a child waiting to be dictated. Yet, he doesn’t do a thing to stop it.

We seek television to relax; to sit back and chill from a stressful day. We don’t seek entertainment in going outdoors to refresh the mind, or perhaps play a sport to relax. We don’t doze off for few hours to give rest to our body, but we sit back to watch a movie. Why?

It is because we have become so accustomed to the entertainment media and technology gives us that the old-fashioned, yet correct way to acquire rest and refreshment has gradually vanished. This is why our youth is corrupt.

The solution to this? Seek help in your religion, and control your “nafs” Indeed the biggest jihad (war) is against one’s cravings. (Jihad-un-Nafs)

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