Has Islam Changed?

on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Has Islam changed? Well, before I get into that, I would like to brush up a bit about what is the religion of Islam. Islam is a religion which in Arabic means submission in peace. In practice, it is understood to denote submission in peace to the will of Almighty Allah. It is even understood that complete peace comes from surrendering to the will of Almighty Allah.

The people who possess faith in Islam are called “Muslims”. This sacred religion began in Arabia, and many of the Arabic speaking people are Muslims, nonetheless most of the Muslims in the world are not Arabs. Islam is not an ethnic or racial expression. There are Asian, African, European, American and Middle Eastern Muslims, just like there are in other religions. Likewise, there are Muslims of all races and colors. Mohammad (pbuh) was the Last Messenger of Allah through whom the teachings of Islam were conveyed to the mankind. He was born in a city in the Arabian Peninsula, Mecca, in 571 AD. At the age of fourty, he received the Revelations from Angel Gabriel. Those very revelations were complied as the Holy Quran.

Time represents change in the world. Without change, we would be everlastingly jammed in languish form of life. However, I would firmly stand to believe that Islam has not changed. It’s a religion that is so self-motivated that it fits all the souls in the world at any time of life. This is because God revealed the final message to Mankind with the pledge that it would be preserved for the rest of time until the Day of Judgment.

Muslims have changed, in many ways, but Islam did not and will not change. The Qur’an is the very same Qur’an that was recited by Muhammad. Merely, there were never any two different Qur’ans in the world. God promises to protect Islam forever.

Additionally, the sayings, practices and the life of Muhammad (pbuh) have all been documented pretty evidently. Once more, God promised to protect this final message and He has done so.

Muslims are being austere or negligent, from time to time. They have come under more unembroidered explanations of things, and they have come under the manipulation of religion, additionally. All these deviations have happened throughout time in dissimilar places and different times. So, there may be some Muslims who are stern in one corner of the world and, at the very same time, broadminded in other parts of the world.

Islam is, actually, more than a religion. It remains as an absolute way of life. Allah has sent down a book of guidance, the Holy Quran, and it is well-suited with all times to come. It remains the same and so do all the rules and principles of Islam although Muslims did change in many cases. Has Islam changed as a religion, policy, philosophy, basics or even the Quran? The answer is no, not even by a single letter.

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