Are Muslims Narrow Minded?

on Saturday, August 10, 2013

There are 1.5 billion Muslim on this planet. Not the greater part of the aforementioned Muslims offer the same legitimate and social customs and values. There are white European Muslims and dark African Muslims, every one of them have an alternate society. There are communal nations with dominant part of Muslims that makes it illicit for ladies to wear a headscarf out in the open (they need to show their hair or they will head off to the penitentiary) an illustration of this is Tunis. While there are nations with lion’s share of Muslims that drives ladies to hide their face out in public, much the same as the instance of Saudi Arabia. My focus is, Muslim groups are various, and you can’t expect that they are all narrow minded dependent upon an estimation of your notice from some of them.

Furthermore, men and ladies are asked to bring down their look by the Quran (objectifying men or ladies is a sin), so to make this errand simpler for both men and ladies a clothing standard was ordered to both men and ladies. Assuming that you don’t maintain it, you will be acknowledged a heathen. Men need to cover the region between their stomach catches and their knees (aside from their wives obviously). While it is recognized a sin for ladies in Islam to show more than their face and submits front of offhand grown-up men with the intention that men don’t convey ladies and can like a lady for her disposition as opposed to her looks, this is a principle that a honing Muslim lady may as well accompany in the event that she needs to be closer to God. Note that as per the Quran there must be no intimidation in matters of trust, in this manner compelling ladies by others to hide their hair is unsatisfactory, the decision should originate from the lady herself.

We can ask more similar questions: Why do ladies need to wear more than men? Why men in Islam are prohibited from wearing Gold and Silk while ladies can wear it freely? Why men are committed to work and accommodate their families while ladies don’t (they have the decision to work or to stay at home)? Why men need to give wedding endowments to ladies before wedding them while ladies don’t need to do so? Why moms in Islam have a higher status than father?

No Muslim Scholars or Islamic teachings promote or defend terrorism, rigid type of Hijabs, illiterate society, ignorance, bad governance, poor health conditions, sectarian killings and poverty. These are the diseases of the society and should be treated in that way. If Muslim countries are facing these problems, then they have nothing to do with Islam. No one can call them narrow-minded, on the basis of the above problems existing in the Muslim societies and communities.

However, if someone calls us narrow-minded for following the teachings of Quran, saying of the Holy Prophet, respecting and protecting women, having strong family systems, respecting elders, paying zakat, praying five times a day, fasting during Ramadan, saying truth, struggling for our rights and so on, then yes, we are narrow minded. We are narrow-minded because we cannot support Israel to kill innocent Palestinians, we are narrow-minded because we cannot support the bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan and we are narrow-minded because we cannot support Guantanamo Bay. This doesn’t mean we support the other parties like Taliban and Al-Qaida, they are equally responsible for the current situation of Muslims around the world.

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