United States Relation With Muslim World

on Saturday, July 6, 2013

During the past few years, the long lasting issue of the anti-Islamic videos and permissions given to offend Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) forwarded on YouTube without censor has undoubtedly aroused destructive chaos and terrorist attacks on American embassies, along with continuous fierce agitation across the Muslim world. There were violent protestation attacks carried out by Muslims and boycott of websites broadcasting anti-Islamic videos that were merely a malicious ignition of fire let out, according to American embassies and administration, by some US-Muslim relation fanatics who simply got encouraged in their mission by the apparent fuse of rage the Muslims distinctly demonstrated.
It is also violently protested by some Muslims, according to American journalists, that American administration are deliberately avoiding giving job applications to Muslim workers, and the pent-up frustration of unemployment in their own country, economic degradation and financial drop without the government taking serious consideration about it has brought damage between the two worlds, putting a deep hole of hatred and aggression in the foreign policy of the two regions.

Apart from Pakistan, many other extremist leaders, such as the Hassan Nasrullah, chief of a Islamist community in Lebanon led an anti-American rally for own personal purposes, that he supported the President’s ignorance on offensive anti-Islamic content, a direct attack on religion, being spread worldwide. The administration and embassies took no claim of encouraging such videos to morally attack the Muslims, for President Obama blatantly rejected the offensive material in the past few anti-Islamic movies released, and tried to censor the particular content. Nonetheless, it was the YouTube administration and all other web engines that ignored the instructions given, and forwarded the video to be broadcasted openly. Moreover, the relations between the United States and Muslim World have continued to hamper after the arrest of Al-Qaeda leader, Osama Bin Laden, and they considered the relentless waves of agitation by Muslims and Islamist leaders as a reaction to one of the anti-American leaders’ crimes being discovered and killed.
The recent murder of Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was done by an anti-American extremist who merely damaged his own state in regards of economy since businesses can possibly not grow in a country where there is no security to Americans and is filled with chaos and terrorism. In 2009, the President of States stated in his speech in Cairo that though American embassies may retaliate the protests and violence some extremists demonstrate, America can never imagine being at war against Islam. He cleared his position in terms of those offensive anti-Islamic videos and delivered his verdict with respect and politeness. He also said the matter of lack of jobs and poor economic condition was not the responsibility of American administration, but more of the government who should look after their people.

Conclusively, the relations between United States and the Muslim world have not improved after the patent attack at Muslim’s morale and the rallies lead by power-gaining leaders like Hassan Nusrullah. And likewise, we can not predict what the future would bring, what with the new government being formed in our country and United State’s persistent putting off the blame from their shoulders.

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