Current Condition In Egypt

on Saturday, July 6, 2013

Quite a level of change has occurred ever since the Egyptians went on the streets two and a half years ago with an objective of overthrowing the thirty years long brutal regime of Hosni Mubarak. However, much has also remained unchanged, and in some cases gotten even worse. Still, these perceptions can especially be related to the year ever since Mohammed Morsi came into power as the first freely elected president of Egypt. No one had any certain or strong expectations regarding the speculation that the years after Mubarak’s ousting from power to be easy or a walk in the park. Still, the disastrous plummeting of the Egyptian Pound’s value, the security lapse across the country and long queues in gas stations are predicaments that have truly stretched the country’s reserves to the max, and to the point of exhaustion.

Amid this mayhem and confusion, a movement known as “Tamarod”, or rebel to be exact, came onto the scene, demanding that President Morsi call for early elections to be held and resign at once from the office. Tamarod movement has allegedly collected 22 million signatures in their cause’s favor. This report has allowed the movement to earn the support of many non Islamist opposition groups and now, the latest effort by this movement for representing their demands, they have taken to the streets with fervent protests. That is why massive rallies and protests were held across the whole country on 30th of June.

Well, it is a truth that nearly all of the people within Egypt are disheartened, disappointed, or angry. These are the incentives or motives that have pushed people to join the clamoring and ever increasing crowd who seeks to achieve tranquility and revolution for their country.

Even if you don’t back the Muslim Brotherhood, it is still a safe bet that you are worried and flustered about the present state of affairs and overall condition of Egypt. According to a recent research, it has been discovered that the majority of Egyptians are unsatisfied with the manner in which things are progressing in Egypt. They are also disapproving the direction in which the country is heading at present. Ever, since the year of 2011, the foreign exchange potency of the country has grown fragile, while tourism has dried up as well. This has created a severe vacuum in the financial economy of the country and is having increasingly adverse effects on the country.

The present scenario of the country’s morbid level of dissatisfaction with its inapt incumbent leadership is still more potent and extremely intense then political clashes of the past. In the past, secular elites, or members of the youth were at the head of the rallies held then. However, at present, the demonstrations and protests of today comprise of a more diverse and mixed membership from various classes and layers of society. That is perhaps one of the most fundamental and prodigious cause for which these current protestations have garnered such a humongous level of attention and exposure on national as well as international level.

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