Can peace talks help in finding the solution for terrorism?

on Monday, July 1, 2013

We all are familiar with the fact that “every problem has a solution” and to get to the solution, communication is the best possible way. War has never been a solution to the dispute but there are some factors that play an important role in reaching a mutual understanding.

However, we all are aware that the consequences of the war are too harsh not only for the region – where the war is – but it has also a deep impact on the economies. We witnessed many times in the past when wars between the nations caused lots of damages, and irrespective of the fact who won the war.

In the past, millions of people have already lost their lives in wars, and it must be stopped. Since 9/11, the world has changed globally as terrorism activity increased since then. Taliban’s have a major role to play in all this as Al-Qaeda led by Osama Bin Laden took responsibility for the attacks. However, the US has been trying to stop Taliban from doing terrorist activities, and somehow the US has succeeded in their mission, but still there is a lot to be done. The major success was achieved when AL-Qaeda head Osama Bin Laden got killed.

But soon it was realized that war was not a solution, as there are a number of people who get killed every year by the terrorist activities, and this could be one of the reasons that there are operations against terrorist in all parts of the world particularly in Afghanistan. Recently Taliban’s have set up their political office in Doha,Qatar. From this fact, it can be clearly understood that even Taliban is motivated to have peace talks so that peace can be restored in the region.

The United Nations and other coalition partners seem to focus on the point that peace talks are the only solution for the restoration of peace. So far, there are a number of examples that can be witnessed, recently the way things are being handled in Syria and Egypt where there are a number of terrorist groups threatening and killing people. So the situation is not under control by the government and that is why the UN and USA are trying to have peace talks with the groups having terrorist activities in Syria and Egypt. However, the success rate is not too high but this trend may save people’s lives who are dying every day as a result of terrorist activities.

The motive behind these activities is still a big question that needs to be answered but peace talks may get us to the point where these kinds of issues and conflicts can be resolved. We have already seen in the past that there are a number of matters resolved through peace talks.

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