Misconceptions about Islam (The marriage of Prophet Mohamed from ‘our mother’ Aisha)

on Monday, July 1, 2013


Prophet Mohamed married Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her) despite the big gap between their ages as he was almost at the age of her father Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him)


First of all let’s explain that Prophet Mohamed was not the first one to ask to marry Aisha. In contrary, some historians stated that (Gobair Ebn El Motaam Ebn Oday) asked Aisha for marriage before the Prophet. Meaning that Aisha was at the age of marriage at that time, so it is not odd to be asked for marriage by Prophet Mohamed later.

After clearing this point let’s explain the circumstances of the marriage of Prophet Muhamed (PBUH) and ‘our mother’ Aisha (May Allah be pleased with her)

1- The idea of getting married to Aisha was suggested by (Khawla Bent Hakeem) to Prophet Mohamed with the purpose of tighten the relationship with her father Abu Bakr (known as his most loyal followers and his best friend)

2-Aisha was at the age of marriage and was mature in terms of femininity; as Goair proposed to marry her before.

3- Quraish was always waiting for any simple mistake or a simple slip made by Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) to use it against him in its continuous enmity with him. Nobody from Quraish took this marriage as a “mistake” or awkward behavior to use it against Prophet Mohamed. In contrary, they took it as a normal thing that happen usually as this was the traditions during that remote period of time.

4- Another proof that this was a normal tradition in that environment is that Aisha was not the first or the last girl to get married to a man with a big gap in age between them: (Abd El Motalib) got married to a young girl (Hala, the cousin of Aamna) on the same day that his youngest sons (Abdu Allah) got married to (Aamna Bent Wahb) and Aamna was almost at the same age of Hala. Also, Omar Ebn El Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) married the daughter of Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) and Omar was at the age of her grandfather (Prophet Mohamed).

5- It is well known that maturation of girls living in warm regions is too early; usually at the age of eight. Whilst it is delayed with girls living in cold regions; usually at the age of twenty one.

6- This Misconception did not appear until some orientalists ignored the big differences in the environment and traditions between the age of Prophet Mohamed and the current period alleging that Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) married Aisha for pleasure. These orientalists make a strange comparison between marriage in the Arabian Peninsula 1400 years ago and marriage nowadays all over the World.

In conclusion, Prophet Mohamed did not marry Aisha for pleasure but to tighten his relationship with her father, Abu Bakr, and this was the traditional way during that period and in that environment. Also if Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) was looking for pleasure, he would have done this while he was still young and not at the age of fifty five. Even while he was young his first marriage was to ‘our mother’ Khadija who was at the age of 40 while he was only 25 years old.

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