Sheikh Crush – A big trial in the lives of Islamic Scholars

on Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When I started studying Islam, I came to know that this religion would prevent me from fitnah of opposed gender. It is a great trial for every men and women to deal with members of the opposite gender. Initially, I thought in Islam, I would not have to deal with such complicated situations. Sorry to say, my opinion was not correct. I noticed “Sheikh Crush” – Sheikh means an old Islamic scholar - trend at several Islamic gatherings, from conference, classes and events. Many Muslims women, who always follow Islam only in prayers and dress falling in love with teachers, I have met following real life examples

1. At an Islamic speech or program, some women talk about personality of Sheikh. When an old woman informs them not to think of him as he is a married person, they reply, we can still marry Sheikh.

2. At an Islamic program, some women were not talking about the content of speech, but they were discussing how handsome and sweet the Sheikh was.

3. Recently, a Sheikh got married for the second time, some sisters were discussing this matter and wished they were the second life partner of a Sheikh.

4. A woman told a Sheikh that she is not happy or pleased with her life partner and want to marry him.

5. A Sheikh closed his account on social website Facebook because some married sisters were said to have fallen in love with him.

These are only few examples of such incidents but Allah knows best. It could be that some Sheikh do things to catch the attention of women. Furthermore, social websites like Facebook promote such incidents. The exact figure is still unknown, but such incidences are growing in the Western countries, as well. It is a fact that multiple problems arise from such incidents but some major issues are followings:

1. Dishonesty of a student’s objectives. Many students start to wear smart and fashion dresses when they receive attention of unmarried sisters.

2. Some sisters have the desire to marry a Sheikh. In most cases, the Sheikh might not be interested. The rejection of such proposals by Sheikh leads to harassment and jealousy.

3. Some married women also start to compare their husbands to Islamic scholars, which leads to marital conflicts.

4. Sometime a single sister proposes to a Sheikh without knowing about his marital life, which might lead to the collapse of a happy marriage life.

5. If the attraction is mutual, there is danger of Zina.

Advice to sisters to avoid from such relationships:

1. Always keep in mind that he is only your teacher so lower your gaze.

2. When attending any Islamic lecture, purify your intentions and concentrate only to learn.

3. Do not try to disturb the marriage life of your teacher.

4. Do not compare your husband to your Sheikh.

5. It is not good to talk about the personality and beauty of Sheikh.

Advice to Sheikh in dealing with such an issue:

1. Do not focus on women in your audience.

2. Purify your objective and intention.

3. Avoid unnecessary communication with single women.

4. Always give preference to your wife.

5. Only dress up better for your life partner and not for others.

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