What Steps Should the Government of Pakistan Take To Control Terrorism?

on Saturday, June 29, 2013

Terrorism has become a global threat. No one gives the impression that he feels secure in this world. Terrorism has forced the public figures and world leaders to spend thousands of dollars beefing up their safety. Within tight security, millions of innocent people have lost their lives to the extermination called terrorism. It was confirmed statically that no country around the world is exceptional to rebel attacks. From Algeria and Kenya to various states in the Gulf area and the Middle East; Pakistan, Philippine, India and Indonesia across Asia, New York and Washington in the United States, London and Spain in Europe, many innocent people were sniffed out of survival.

Terrorism in Pakistan has become a major destructive phenomenon since few years. The yearly death rate of innocent people due to terrorist attacks increased from 160 in 2003 to 3350 in 2009, and still no control over it since now. According to Pakistan Government more than 35, 000 people have lost their lives due to rebel attacks till 2012. According to the government of Pakistan, the direct and indirect costs of terrorism from 2010 to 2012 was a total of $70 billion. The political instability, religious intolerance, military intervention, myopic visionary policies, partial economic policies, ethnic, lingual and regional prejudices let the flame of terrorism in Pakistan.

Due to terrorism, economic stability, tranquil and peace of mind have vanished from Pakistan. It is greatly affecting the economy of Pakistan. No country is ready to make investments in Pakistan due to the fear of terrorism. Sports and tourism industry have almost vanished from the country.

The government of Pakistan need to take some effective steps and measures to control terrorism. Various countries like Italy, Germany, Ireland, the United States, and much more have greatly controlled the activities of terrorism by implementing effective measures.

Here is list of some effective steps that can save the Pakistanis from this evil:

  • The government should increase the coordination between all intelligence agencies like FIA, ISI, IB and MI so that these agencies act together against any terrorist attack or any danger.
  • Negotiation is considered the first and best way to resolve any problem. Taliban and Al Qaida are considered major terrorist groups in Pakistan. The government needs to open dialogues with Taliban and Al Qaida in order to establish peace and tranquility in the country.
  • Some scholar and philosophers argue that poverty, lack of education, unemployment, corruption and mainly injustice are major causes of terrorism. The government of Pakistan need to reduce the unemployment rate, end injustice and manage proper system of education.
  • Finally, the government needs to revise its foreign policy. Leaders of country need to negotiate with neighbor countries in order to bring peace in the region. Collaboration with the neighboring countries like India, Bangladesh and Afghanistan is the best way to eradicate the roots of terrorism from whole region.

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