Islam Spread in the Whole World Without Any Force

on Thursday, June 27, 2013

Islam was preached to the world without any force and compulsion. The invitation was open to all and many of the Non-Muslims accepted Islam after discussing the teachings of Islam with scholars. One biggest example is “Zakir Naik” who is able to convert many non believers, and to make them accept the reality and be true Muslims. He uses his power of words and knowledge to inspire and dig the hearts. We can see big storms of non-believers who sit before him to listen to what Islam preaches as they are seeking for the right path to live their lives.

Islam teaches love, peace, brotherhood, and respect for humanity. The majority of Muslims accepts Islam by their own will and wish. Thousands of non Muslims embrace Islam just due to its wonderful and attractive teachings. Before the advent of Islam the majority of people fell in darkness and completely disobeyed Allah’s Almighty orders. When Allah Almighty sent Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), the whole picture of the world and people of the world completely changed. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) started teaching the manners of Islam and told the people that there was no lord except the Allah Almighty.

Some people think that Islam spread under the shadow of sword, and they think that Islam is implemented on others forcefully. In reality Islam is completely opposite to their thinking and perception. Islam gives equal rights to all without any discrimination and differences. No matter being a Muslim or a non Muslim, Islam gives equal rights to all. Before the advent of Islam, women had no respect in society but Islam was the only religion that gave equal rights to women as given to men.

This shows how much Islam is a beautiful and peaceful religion that gives equal right to everyone.

In a verse of Quran, Allah Almighty said:

The mission of the Prophet Muhammad is one of peace and mercy to humankind. (21:107).

These are some teachings of Islam. Islam is an Arabic word, and it was derived from the Arabic word Salema. Meaning of Islam is obedience, peace, submission and purity.

These are some characteristics of Islam which attract non Muslims to become Muslims. People living in many western countries embrace Islam quickly especially in England. The only reason behind the popularity of Islam in non Muslims countries is its wonderful teaching and direction to spend this life in a good way. Thousands of people living in England accept Islam without any compulsion.

To conclude, it is necessary that we, as Muslims who were gifted the treasure of Islam by birth, follow it in its true essence. Now, it’s our duty to spread the message of Islam and invite people to embrace it, but this cannot be possible until we style ourselves according to the true teachings of Islam. May Allah grant us the power to follow the real teachings of Islam and invite others to follow its path!

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