Muslims in Manchester

on Thursday, June 27, 2013

In the past few decades, Muslims reached every nook and corner of the world. Whether it is for preaching the religion of Allah, or it is the quest for better earnings; it is a fact that every part of the globe has Muslim population to some extent. When it comes to preaching, Muslims have gone as far as the thick and impenetrable forests of Africa and America. They have taken the message of Islam to such regions where people are still uncivilized and cannot understand other languages.

Whereas, when it comes to migration for better jobs and businesses; Muslims have mostly travelled to USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe. A great number of Asian Muslims are present in the United Kingdom, who migrated there few decades ago. Now, they have their families settled there, with their businesses set up, and jobs matured.

The highest concentration of Muslims in England is found in London, Bradford, Birmingham, Liverpool, and Manchester. Islam is the second largest religion in England after Christianity. Most of the Muslim community there has come from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh; whereas, a considerable number is from other Asian and African states.

Manchester is one of the most loved cities by Muslims living in the UK. According to 2001 Census of the United Kingdom, Muslims constitute 9.1% of the total population of Manchester; whereas Pakistanis make up 3.8 percent of Manchester’s total population.

The Muslim community of Manchester includes both Sunnis and Shiites. They have their respective Islamic centres in the city where they gather for prayers as well as other events. Manchester Islamic Centre and Didsbury Mosque is a place for all Muslims where they can gather for five prayers and specially Jumma prayers. There is a community/activity hall in the centre which is available for hosting many activities and functions. They can get the hall booked for expositions, weddings, sports, and tutorials. Consistent social gatherings and Quranic classes are also held where there is a library, Sharia department for fatawa, Quran School and Arabic classes.

A very important spot in Manchester is the “Curry Mile”, which is packed with South Asian and Middle Eastern restaurants. About 70 restaurants are spread over an area which is less than a mile. Indian and Pakistani cuisines remain dominant; whereas, Afghani and Arab cuisines also got much recognition in the past years. Every year, a lot of Muslims gather together at the occasions of Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha at the Curry Mile.

Manchester has offered better economic and financial prospects to Muslims; they own food and clothing businesses. On the other hand, a great number of Muslims are unable to get a white collar job with handsome salary; they are the victims of poverty even after having gone abroad. Also, a lot of Muslim students reside there in order to enhance their educational qualifications and expand their knowledge.

Muslims in Manchester also work towards preaching the basics of Islam not only to the non-Muslims, but also to the younger Muslim generation who were born and brought up in the UK. They are doing a great service to Islam by spreading Allah’s message to those who seek the illumination of faith.

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