‘Inconsistent Statements’ by US Suspended Talks

on Thursday, June 27, 2013

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai was keen to have peace talks with Taliban in Doha but the meeting that was to be held between the peace delegations send by Hamid Karzai and Taliban officials was suspended, and in a statement Hamid Karzai said that US is responsible for the suspension of security talks.

After the war against terrorism was being fought by the US and its allies particularly NATO forces, it was decided that NATO would be leaving Afghanistan in 2014, but the status of US army was still unclear. Karzai wanted to have a mutual understanding between the US and Taliban regarding the current security concerns in Afghanistan. But the way the US is handling the situation does not make it seem that it is keen to have security talks, said the  president of Afghanistan.

For the first time since 2001 it was speculated that Taliban would be sitting with American diplomats but there is no further progress made.

The Taliban have already shown interest in having a peaceful solution in Afghanistan, and for the same reason they have established their political office in Qatar, but soon after the establishment of the political office the statement from Hamid Karzai came up to the media.

The major focus of the negotiations was to tackle the situation in Afghanistan including prisoner exchange. America is of the view that there should be no concern with Al-Qaeda, and it is expected from Taliban that they would not be using Afghanistan as a platform to harm any other country.

However, the announcement made by the Afghan officials showed that they would be keeping in touch with Taliban while they also condemned the role played by the US officials. US diplomats didn’t respond the way they were expected to respond; however, it was made clear that the delegation will not be having a meeting with Taliban.

One of the senior Afghan officials said that the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan” and the white Taliban flag would be used in print media as the backdrop. When the white flag was used in the media, the major perception was that the government would be in exile while Taliban would be ruling Afghanistan.

While talking to the Guardian, the Afghan officials said that the statement, made by the US, was a clear violation of the agreement, and Afghan president is unhappy with both Taliban and the US. The meeting was called off after having discussions with the security team. Four American troops were killed in an attack on Bagram Airbase, and Taliban took the responsibility for the attacks. Karzai played an important role in bringing Taliban and US on table talks. It is also made clear that Afghanistan will not allow its soil to be used as a platform for fundraising. Peace Council is still trying to find a way out as they are still planning to send peace delegation to Doha, but it is not sure if progress can be made or not.

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