UNHCR 2012 Refugee Statistics

on Saturday, June 29, 2013

According to UNHCR report more than 45.1 million were displaced recently, and the number of people that moved this year is the highest number of people since 1994. Globally people have been moving a lot and there is a higher percentage of people seeking for Asylum. Not only this, there are almost 45.2 million people that were forced to displace from their native country UNHCR reported..

For the last decade or so, there was instability in most parts of the world. That is the main reason people from Syria, Democratic Republic of the Congo and many other countries, where there are security concerns, are moving away from their homes.

The detailed report published by UNHCR showed that there were almost 937,000 people who applied for asylum, and there were more than 28.8 million people who were displaced internally by the states within the borders.

Around 35.8m persons were of concern to the UNHCR by the end of 2012, the second highest number on record.  Since 1993, when record-keeping began, the highest figure was in 2009 with 36.5m persons of concern.

The figure that came up in 2012 is the second largest in number since 1994 when around 36.5m people were of concern to UNHCR. “Persons of concern” is a term used by UNHCR for people who get displaced by whatever reason.

Most of the people that got displaced are from the countries that is facing wars. Syria is leading in numbers with more than 4.25 m people being displaced by the Syrian government. This displacement trend could be worrying because as per calculation made by UNHCR every 4.1 second an individual is converted into a refugee. Pakistan and Iran are the two countries that have accommodated the largest number of refugees.

War against terrorism in Afghanistan has forced a larger number of Afghan refugees to move either to Pakistan , Iran or Somalia. One out of four refugees is an Afghanistan citizen. In 2012, more than 23,000 people were forced to move from their countries and more importantly the developing countries is accommodating most of the refugees. As compared to 2006, about 21,300 people submitted the applications for Asylum that is the highest ever.

Pakistan share a border with Afghanistan and it’s quite easy for a refugee to move into Pakistan as the Pakistani economy is bearing the extra burden with 552 refugees per 1$ of GDP per capita. More than 48% percent of the refugees were females .However, in total 48% of the refugees that moved to other countries in 2012 were childern under 18 years of age. Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia are the top listed countries with the highest percentage of refugees. As far as the asylum applications are concerned Germany (64,500), South Africa (61,500), and France (55,100)is leading the chart for refugees.

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