Anti-Muslim Movie Set to be Released

on Thursday, June 27, 2013

The US Independence day, which is on the 4th of July will bring more than celebrations to the table. “The Innocence of Islamic Jihad” is  an anti-Muslim movie is also set to be released on this day amid the celebrations.

The movie is predicted to follow in the footsteps of its previous counterparts, The Innocent Prophet, and Innocence of Muslims that created widespread unrest.

The director is a Pakistan-born anti-Islam activist who is currently a refugee in Spain by the name of Imran Firasat.

According to Firasat, the movie is based on four major episodes of Jihad violence in recent times. He said that his target audience were radical Islamists, Western politicians, Islamic politicians and civilized citizens of any country around the world being a Muslim or non-Muslim country.

He added that the reason why he decided to produce this anti-Islam movie in animation was that it was difficult to get people who were willing to face the camera for this kind of movies as many fear from the extremists and Islamists.

Imran Firasat further stated that he was so proud to do this anti Islam movie in a very good way.

The Innocent Prophet which was Firasat’s first movie infuriated a number of ordinary Muslims all over the world, sparkling angry clashes. His refugee status was revoked by the Spanish government which resulted in him taking legal action.

Imran Firasat has however denied deliberately provoking Muslims by any way. He claimed that his sole objective from the movie was to express his own point of view on Islamic Jihad.

He added that all what he wanted was for the people to speak in public more openly, freely and frequently about Islamic jihad in order to find out where things are going wrong. He said that for as long as he was alive, no matter what happened, he would continue producing films on Islam until such a time that he had made the world aware of those hidden points of Islam which the current people are not aware of.

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