How Can We Be Better Muslims?

on Sunday, June 30, 2013

Islam is the religion that teaches equality, peace and Freedom. Quran the book of Muslims along with the teachings of the prophet Muhammad SAWW is a complete code of life for every human and has every aspect of a life covered in terms of how one should behave, earn, live and everything else. In today’s world, we as Muslims have forgotten who we are. We do read the Quran, but we do not follow its teachings, we do listen to the Sunnah and Hadith of the Prophet, but we do not live our life according to what the Prophet did and asked us to do. We are living in a life of our own where we have forgotten what is the purpose of being a Muslim.

We all should be following the teachings of the Quran rather than just reading Quran as a book. We should be focusing on understanding the Quran by reading the translations and getting the correct information of the teachings of the Quran from the Scholars. There are a lot of basic things that the Quran teaches which we have all forgotten. Where is the respect of parents which we are told and where is the Hijab for women. There are many things which the Quran teaches which is forgotten by most of us today. Quran teaches us how we should give charity to the poor and help our Muslim brothers, but if we look to today’s world, we will see that the rich in most cases do not offer any support to the poor.

The teachings of the Holy Prophet are what complete Islam. Quran is the complete guide and then actions and sayings of the Prophet explain in detail what the Quran is saying. The whole purpose of this is that we can live good lives after the Prophet. In most cases, now we do say that we follow the prophet, but in reality none of us do. Every one of us just picks out the qualities and habits that they like from the life of the prophet, and just by doing those we say that we are following the prophet. What we do not understand that when we say that we want to follow the prophet it means that we should be doing each and every thing. If not all, then at least most of what we can do with true faith. The prophet in the month of Ramadan would not eat food when he knew there was someone near his home who wanted food. He in many cases only ate a few dates for iftar just enough to keep energy for the next day, but today we see how people are doing big luxurious Iftar parties where many people are starving for food.

All of us need to understand that there are many details in Islam that we need to follow. Since Islam is a complete code of life there are many details but the two main points, in order to be better Muslims, is to make sure that we understand what we read in the Quran and understand the teachings of the prophet. If we follow these two things then all the rest of the details would eventually be in place for us.

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