The Role of Islam in the Recent Development

on Friday, August 9, 2013

The contribution of Islam to civilization, culture, education and scientific developments are ongoing for hundreds on years, and all Muslims are well aware of this fact. In Islam, science and religion are considered two very related elements, the study of science has always been a compatible part of Islam.

Despite so many contributions, the standard of living of Muslims across various parts of the world is poor. The credit of most of the contributions, made by Muslims, is taken by the West. There are some Muslim countries that are not that much developed just because of the fact that Islam does not adapt itself to the changes in the environment.

Throughout the past, Muslims scholars, professors and scientists made developments in various fields like physics, mathematics, chemistry and many other fields. The recent trend of globalization has enabled the Muslim world to engage with more and more realities. As women are also being educated, and they actively take part in the economic welfare, it is expected that the Muslim world will renew and enlighten its scientific progress.

The facts, that Islam has presented before, are now being used as foundations for many of the discoveries and inventions of today. Many o the developments in science and technology today are because of the foundations made by the Muslim scholars and professors. It was a Muslim engineer who introduced the use of water turbines in the 12th century. Al-Jazari incorporated this idea into a machine. This concept was further used by the British. Various experiments were done and finally this led to the development of automobiles.

It is stated in Quran that “

“[O Muhammad] This book that has been revealed on you might bring mankind out of darkness by the will of their Lord and lead to the path of glory”

The Muslim countries are one of those countries that are rich in mineral resources. They have got all those resources that are required for industrialization. We can see that Muslim countries are blessed by the largest oil and natural gas reserves and almost all of the countries of the world depend on this resource requirement to survive.

Hundreds of scientific facts have already been mentioned in the Holy Quran. Islam has revealed many undiscovered secrets, some of which were discovered by the West in the 20th century. This world greatly owes to Islam in terms of development, but there are hardly any Non-Muslims who are ready to accept this fact.

The downfall of the Muslims due to the negligence of the teachings of Islam has made them lag behind in the race of success in each field of life. The people of the west have taken the advantage of each opportunity, and we all can see how far they have gotten now.

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