New and Quick Dishes for Ramadan

on Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic Lunar Calendar. Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset in order to seek blessings from ALLAH. This month is totally different from all other Islamic months. Life gets changed and so does our daily routine. So we need quick recipes that we can make in no time.

Some people especially women follow Ramadan cooking shows for new and quick dishes. Ramadan recipes and Ramadan menus are full of tempting and mouthwatering food. Here are the names of some dishes which are easy to cook and delicious in taste.


This time Ramadan started in the month of July lasting till the first week of August which is the peak of the summer. As in summer season people prefer soft drinks as compared to oily and heavy food. “Sehri Drink” is the healthiest drink which can be prepared in 10 minutes. It is a great combination of ingredients and would be enough to maintain your energy for the whole day. “Quick magnum shakes” is another energy drink which can be prepared in 5 minutes. You would love its creamy taste. You can also try roasted potato Sabzi with dates shake. “Sehri qeema” is another delicious dish which can be served with hot chapattis. You can eat whatever you want but make sure that you are good enough to go for a whole day.


After fasting for the whole day Muslims eagerly wait for Iftar. Dates are eaten to break the fast. Mostly, Iftar dishes are Samosas, Dahi phulkiya, fruit chat or some juices. People can try new dishes also which can be prepared in few minutes; like: Cheese Somasas, Club Sandwiches and Salad.

Most people avoid oily food, and they like to go for the same food which they used to have in their daily routine, but why not change in this month that is full of gatherings. Google is full of Ramadan recipes, and Ramadan cooking shows play great role by offering new and delicious dishes.

We should eat those dishes which have low fats and are good for health. Heavy food makes you lazy and interrupts your worships “Ibadah”. This is the month of blessings. So our main motive should be to seek guidance and rewards from ALLAH.

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