Natural Cures to Depression in Islam

on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When one practices Islam he takes a road that is full of endless blessings coming from all sides. When one is a Muslim, he is automatically protected from so many perils and hardships and every trouble has its solution sent down with it like its twin. When you’re a practicing Muslim you don’t need to worry about being lost, Allah always has a way out designed for you. You are His slave walking His path and He’d never let you be lost.

I have listed below some of the cures to depression that come naturally being a Muslim, and if one feels depressed, they can be a helpful reminder of what you have in store.

1. Be Thankful: For every little need that gets fulfilled and for every little wish that comes true say Alhamdulillah. Be it a sip of water on dry lips or the comfort of your pillow say Alhamdulillah and remember how much your Lord loves you and takes care of you.

2. Prayer: Be regular with your prayers five times a day. It washes the heart away of all its sorrows and makes it pure. If your heart feels hard when you are in sujood let it be and just tell your Lord that you’re here at His door and will never stop coming as long as you live. The spiritual peace and the physical exercise combined during Salah release endorphins in your body that make you feel happy and alive and remove depression.

3. Say “Subhan’Allah”: Look at Allah’s miracles around you and say Subhan’Allah for everything. Look at the night sky and how Allah has decorated it for you. If He can do that He can surely pull us out of the quicksand you’re in, only He can so turn to Him.

4. Remembrance: Do dhiker as much as you can whether you are at home cooking or driving on the road never forget to remember Him by His beautiful names.

Apart from these there is a nutritional cure for depression in Islam called “Talbinah”. It is made from barley flour and honey and is referred to as the “Prophetic medicine for depression”.

Some who go through depression may complain why did the Lord do this to them when they feel like the universe spat them out and they aren’t a part of it anymore. They should remember depression is one way road that takes you closer to your Lord because when all the other doors of escape close down in depression, only one door remains leading to His threshold.

When in distress, we should always remember the Holy Prohpet’s (PBUH) saying; “When Allah loves a person, He places in his heart a part of sorrow, for Allah loves every grieving heart.” So let go of your fears as Allah loves you and never forget to be thankful for it.

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