Kathmandu – Historical Brilliance at its Prime

on Sunday, August 4, 2013

Kathmandu being a Multicultural country boasts a series of beauty, whether you are interested in art, music, food or a place of architectural ingenuity with a beautiful backstory to it, Kathmandu is the place for you to travel.

Being the tourist hotspot in Nepal, Kathmandu’s tourist activity is sometimes referred to as the “third religion”, and it has the right to be so. Not only do they have the natural grandeur of the Himalayas but as a country that has been an ancient trade route from India to Tibet, it has brought out a multitude of fusion in the architectural design and art from another country with their own. Among these are the seven monuments Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Changunarayan Swayambhunath, Boudhanath Patan Durbar, Bhaktapur Durbar, they were also declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 2006.

If Architectural beauty is not the thing for you, there is art. Kathmandu valley is usually described as a treasure house of art and sculptures. These artistic objects, usually made from wood, stone, metal and terracotta have the perfect blend of Hinduism and Buddhism and can be seen around the corners of the street to inside the beautiful museums. Iconic symbols such as the Goddess of their religion like Bhavani, Durga, Gaja-Lakshmi, Hariti-Sitala, Mahsishamardini, Saptamatrika (seven mother goddesses), and Sri-Lakshmi is what the sculptures are usually centered upon. Apart from this, there are art forms that show the explicit tantric influences and the concept of Tibetan Demonology.

Kathmandu also hosts a number of museums where they exhibit a bid number of paintings which are vibrant, refreshing and demonstrate a great number of fusion between Traditional and modern art. One can tell that the influences behind the art not just from Asia, but from all over the world and has a global influence.

Music and entertainment also have their place amidst this Historical brilliance. They boost a number of theaters where the usual Bollywood and Hollywood movies are shown. In the area of music, you will find that it serves a central role in the culture of Kathmandu. Occasional festivals are organized where there is a showcasing of their traditional music from all parts of Nepal and with the introduction of rock and jazz during the 1970’s Kathmandu is internationally known for its Music festival known as “Jazzmandu”.

As hard as it may be believed, there are at least 133 festivals held in a year. Each of them is a tribute to their culture, heritage and their religion. One can easily visit the place during these times and be awed by the grandeur of it all. These are usually accompanied by a wide range of food from the traditional Nepalese, Chinese, Indian and Tibetan cuisine but is also accompanied by popular franchises such as KFC and Pizza hut.

All in all, Kathmandu caters to the need of all, and offers a unique experience, let it be modern or traditional, with its incredible blend of both, Kathmandu is not only a pretty sight to the eyes but also to the mind, making it a must visit at least once in a life time.

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