Halal Tourism

on Saturday, August 3, 2013

Halal Tourism is a form of religious tourism for all Muslims who want to travel and still follow the Islamic rules. In Halal Tourism, hotels do not serve alcohols or pork, and all the other facilities abide by the Islamic rules and regulations.

There are airplanes flights which don’t serve alcohol and pork, an announcement is made for Salat times and during flight entertainment is provided for religious programs. Quran is available in the seat pockets to read during the flight. The whole purpose of Halal Tourism is to encourage the Islamic life style while traveling, and to encourage the use of as much time as possible for religious activities.

Nowadays, Halal tourism is not just about a manufactured item in a halal manner. It’s about doing everything in an Islamic manner. There are online travel services that are now available which are specifically geared towards helping Muslims find tours, and travel guides which are issued for Halal traveling and touring. There are filters available on these websites which allows visitors to search hotels which have separate swimming pools for men and women, hotels which have halal food and where there are mosques nearby.

Halal tourism is attracting Muslims from all over the world. Many Muslims travel all over the year for businesses and holidays, and they are all now looking for such services in order to plan their trips in a much more Islamic manner. Also, such services are gaining a lot of popularity in the non Islamic countries where it’s difficult for normal visitors to find halal food, markets and mosques very easily. South Africa, Japan and India are only a few of the countries where private companies are trying to tap this market.

With the demand and potential that it has, Halal tourism is also making a lot of money in some areas where it’s getting popular. Many Muslims in the western world are willing to pay the extra money in order to make sure that they do not have to go through the trouble of finding and arranging halal environment themselves for their families. They much rather pay the extra bucks to the tourism companies who can arrange all this information for them so that they can travel with ease and peace of mind of an Islamic and halal trip.

Halal Tourism has also been very popular in Turkey. Even though Turkey is a Muslim country, but if you really try and plan a vacation or visit Istanbul, you will see there aren’t many places in Turkey that are alcohol free. Alcohol is freely used in Turkey since it’s a major tourist attraction for visitors from the US and Europe. Many Muslims travel to Turkey especially International students who travel from Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are now relying on halal tourism services in order to plan their stay and trips in Turkey.

With Muslims now in all corners of the globe with more and more religious awareness coming to the Muslim community, the Halal Tourism market is a new and untapped market. Potentials are expected to be enormous and now is the right time for getting into this business.

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