“Dajjal” is a System or a Person?

on Friday, August 9, 2013

Before, digging into the discussion about people’s perception about Dajjal; it is necessary to explore some realities in light of history and prediction of Muhammad P.B.U.H. So, who is Dajjal and when is he believed to arouse?

According to Muhammad P.B.U.H, Dajjal will appear at the conclusion of universe. He is said to be a false prophet who claims to be Messiah. He will have supernatural powers to perform paranormal acts such as giving life to dead, originating rain by his commands, production of vegetation from the earth and such other supernatural powers. One of the principal and prominent sign to recognize Dajjal will be “one eye”. According to Hadith, Muhammad P.B.U.H said, “Allah is not one eyed while the false Messiah, Ad-Dajjal is blind in the right eye and his eye looks like a bulging out grape.”

So, we will build our discussion on the statement that Dajjal will be one eyed. Well, why people are regarding the modern technology including television and computers as a representation of Dajjal? According to the clues, Dajjal will have super powers and he will be able to fly from one land to other, he will have the power to communicate worldwide, and he will be able to show us the water that we may not be able to taste and the fire that will not burn. If we start looking around ourselves then we can feel that Dajjal is a system, and it’s alive. We are lead, misguided, directed and controlled by this system from a basic to advanced level. We all use mobile phones; it means that we can communicate worldwide while resting at one place. People around the world can hear us. This is one sign of Dajjal.

We have experienced fast travelling through planes and Dajjal can travel at enormous speed just like planes. We can experience the world while sitting in our TV lounge through television, and it means that we can see the world while sitting at one place. Through these examples and technological advancements, it seems that Dajjal is a one eyed system and this is why many people regard Dajjal to be alive, but on the other side, Prophet P.B.U.H had given some clues about the look and feel of Dajjal. According to those clues of resemblance, still we have to experience him but he may be leading this Dajjal system.

According to the descriptions about Dajjal’s look and feel, he will be a short man of Jewish origin with coarse and curly hair with biting teeth and nose beak. Yes, he will be one eyed. He will lead armies of evil and his desired destination will be Madinah. Ultimately, he would not be able to reach it, but he will reach the nearest place to east of Madinah, and that will probably be Kuwait. From here, he will be diverted to north in the region of Syria and it will be the place of his death.

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