Can Christians in US help Muslims to get their Rights?

on Thursday, August 1, 2013

Muslims in the United States of America has to face Islamophobia every now and then. This refers to the ridiculous terror of racism that they suffer. Although the Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and people of different religions live in the same American community, the Muslims are looked at from a different perspective, more like a perspective where they’re thought to be involved in terrorism. Alas, they have to face discrimination and negligence. We can easily investigate that they’ve not been provided with the same rights and treatments like any other American. They are left behind in the ‘Muslim Bubble’.

Firstly, to bring under the limelight, the rights Muslims have as US citizens are the freedom of worship, expression, right to vote, punctual just trial by jury, run for elected office, claim for federal employment and freedom to pursue life, independence and the search of contentment. On top of that, the US government itself says that America is a country that’s compelled by neither religion nor race but instead, sparked by fairness and freedom.

However, do you think the Muslims have been provided with all their rights? The Islamophobia is the wall between them and their deserving rights. Sadly, if the congressional senators don’t drop the U.S –Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2013, this will make the American Muslims the second class citizens who can even be legally accountable to Israel’s strategy of religious and racial profiling. Also, they are deprived from their rights. They are targeted just because of their beliefs and are ambushed while their domestic rights are getting violated.

The Muslims in America, like any other American, work hard, contributes to the country’s growth. Despite of this, they’re always targeted of inspection by their Police Departments, for instance. They spy on the Muslims or the Muslim oriented spots and find information on their regular lives. Even in the local mosques, the Muslims are weary by fear of their conversations being checked and misinterpreted by police officers. They’re profiled at airports. Muslims are regularly targeted for terrorism.

It clearly shows how they have to face daily troubles and bigotry for the religion that they worship. However, if you ask me ”Can Christians help Muslims to get their rights?” I’d actually say “No”. I think it rather needs the Christians along with the whole of America to help the Muslims. All the people of different religions there shouldn’t look at them just as Muslims, but members of the same community that claims not being bounded by religion but rather, equality. Thus, they need to give support to get rid of the Islamophobia. Most importantly, the Muslims themselves have to solve their own problems. They need to be together in making pressure groups that’ll work to recommend new-fangled guidelines and rules that’ll be favorable for Muslims and provide them with their rights. With the help of Christians and the whole of America, the Muslims have to stand strong and grab their rights that they deserve just like any other American.

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