Tips for Upbringing Children in a non-Muslim Society

on Monday, July 1, 2013

With surprising progress and the changing trends in technology, the media is inevitably influencing societies, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, as well as the minds of the coming generations. The steering of the way of thinking and altering morals through extensive media propaganda is achieving its goal to some point, thereby making it difficult for parents to bring up their child as a pious and devout young Muslim who, in fact, is the future of his religion. The concept of Islam has been twisted and molded in such a way that it does not feel positive for a young mind who seems to think and wonders without hesitation and let his contemplation go as far as it wants. For a child whose mind is rather like a bed of sand where any seed sown shall reproduce into a tree, depending on how it is fed, influence of media and unethical society, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, can turn out to be a long-term damage.

Hence, parents who live abroad where there are no local mosques, or where Islam is seen as a death-sentence, should have some tips up in their minds to be inculcated in their children and have the contentment of their welfare.

For a young child to learn what really Islam is, and what it aims at humans to be, parents must be the perfect living role models in their house for everyday and night. When a student comes home from a non-Muslim school attended, he must be taught the valuable teacings of Islam – at home.

Though you might live in a non-Muslim society, where naturally Islam would not be taught in the just way, it is your sheer responsibility to let your child know the half things he doesn’t, and clear his perspective on his own religion. While you get ready for prayers, do not leave your kid behind to play video games. Make sure he is with you at all five times a day, even if there is no mosque available and you have to pray at house. Not only the son, but your daughter is also the responsibility you have to perform correctly. It is best to let the children watch you as you carry your prayer at a very young age so that they have it bore in mind that their parents are still the Muslims they heard about before. It is also wise that you mention Allah Almighty as much as possible in all conversations with the children; in the morning, at lunch and supper and before switching off their bedroom light at night.

Rather than chatting about the weather or their needs only, tell them much about His Creations, His Mercy and His Omniscience. Avoid yelling when in anger or apologize to your kids when you’re mistaken, for this will help the child urge his own self to be like his father. It is undoubtedly only a parent’s duty to teach the ethics and manners to a child when he comes home, therefore, if you become the role model in every aspect and watch yourself, as well as talk about their Lord and His wonders to impress a young mind, you wouldn’t find it difficult to carry on with your journey.

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