The perception of non-Muslim about Islam

on Friday, July 5, 2013

You’re not a Muslim, what is Islam to you? When faced with this question, most would answer that Islam is one of the three major religions. Though they don’t know much about Islam, but most agree that it’s sacred. From their limited knowledge of Islam, they’ve talked about their perception of Islam.

When talking about the religion itself, Some non-Muslims hold the view that Islam place too many restrictions on its followers. They don’t quite understand the meaning of Ramadan and the limitations on what to eat. In their eyes, to follow a religion is more like chanting its classics, why should I live a life with so many restrictions? Maybe after learning more about Islam, they may find the answers.

There are also many non-Muslims who are fond of the Muslim way of life. They love to have Halal food, and they think that it is more beneficial to our health, and there is an increasing number of non-Muslims who actually follow Muslim-like diet. Ramadan, the most controversial form among non-Muslims, in their eyes, is like a period to train persistence and to show respect. There are also many non-Muslims admire the intricate Islam art, like clothes, music, painting and architecture etc. Islam art is something quite different from all the art forms they know.

In terms of Muslims, Some people think Muslim women are mysterious because of their clothing. Most non-Muslims say that they won’t take the lead to initiate a conversation with Muslims. Some people who already have Muslim friends, responds that they’re not that different from Non-Muslims, but when they hang out or have a dinner, Muslims generally don’t take part in.

In China, most Muslims have already mixed with the mainstream society, they can speak the same language as non-Muslims do and in daily life, almost wear the same clothes except some Muslim accessories. They befriended with non-Muslims, and It is through Muslim friends that many people correct their wrong understanding of Islam. Halal food and mosques in many Chinese cities are favored by tourists. Tour to Muslim countries is now rapidly developing in China.

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