The Doctors of Karachi are Mindless

on Tuesday, July 9, 2013

In Pakistan, the doctors are very egoistic; they are not willing to answer any question that is asked by the patients. The best hospital of the Karachi Aga Khan University has many specialist, but they do not have any manners to talk to the patients who are visiting them. They are right that sometimes they have to deal with the illiterate persons and so it is difficult to explain them the procedures, but when they come across the normal literate people, they behave the same. According to them, whatever is written on the piece of paper is the final verdict of them. They are not willing to answer any queries and even give assurance, as for them it is just a waste of time. The doctors take fees for the service they offer us, but they behave like they are doing a favor that is for free. Today people spend a high amount of their money on doctors in turn for their offered service. They are doctors who will cure a disease, but they are not helping the patient mentally so that he can feel strong physically and emotionally strong.

Once, there was a lady who was called for a gynaecology test and the time was 9.30. But the doctor who was going to take the test came after 10 walking slowly in a relaxed manner. She ignored the fact that someone was waiting for her to do the test. After arriving, she laid the patient down on the table and went to have her tea. After 20 minutes, she arrived to take the test with a cup of tea in her hand. This showed carelessness towards the patient.

Some doctors do not even inform the patients about the pain or hurt that would they suffer from some medical tests. This shows that they are least concerned about the patients and their pain. The doctors are highly educated and they are here to help the patients so they should have a polite attitude towards all the patients.

This happens in the hospital in Karachi but not in the whole world. The doctors in Canada are quite concerned about their patients and they take care of them. They are polite and ready to give answers to the patients. Even during a small test like X-ray, they inform the patient whether it would hurt or pinch so that the patient is mentally prepared. They even hold their hands so that they do not clench and have the best treatment.

This shows the difference between the doctors in Canada and Karachi. This leads to question whether the doctors of Karachi are taught manners or not in their medical school. They are best in their work, but they do not how to treat the patient with words. They are educated but don’t know how their politeness can help a patient get better.

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