Gilgit-Baltistan Tourist Attack – Were Taliban Involved?

on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Pakistan hanged up expeditions after high profile attacks on tourists in Nanga Parbat camp. It is the most severe event in the tourism history of Pakistan because nine tourists and one local guide were killed at a blank range point by Taliban.

Now, Taiban has taken the responsibility of these attacks on foreign tourists. According to Taliban, this incident was a response to the drone attack that killed TTP leader Waliur Rehman. Now, this news has become the most famous around the world, and narrated as the Pakistani Taliban slaughtered nine foreign tourists badly. By considering the Nanga Parbat incident, one has to think why did Taliban kill tourists and disappear. This condition leads to several questions.

Taliban Attacked in Response to Waliur Rehman Death:

According to TTP, the current attack was done to take revenge of death of TTP leader. Several questions arise from this incident like why Taliban tracked down easy targets? Why did Taliban kill foreign tourists who are not responsible for the drone attack? An attack on the American people makes some sense but why attacking some Chinese tourists. That is mysterious.

Taliban Disappeared with the Wind:

According to the latest news, the spot where this incident occurred is 4,000 meter high. There is no population in the surrounding area. The tracks demand professional trekking skills to reach this camp. It is not possible to vanish from the spot only in few hours with heavy weapons. The possibility of involvement of Afghan Taliban is reported. The Afghan cross border is near to Gilgit Baltistan; therefore involvement of foreign forces is possible in this incident. This incident needs special attention and analysis to find real facts.

Role of Modern Media:

The theory of moral panic shows how the media works in accusing the institutions. It is reported that some news mediums are acting as analysts to shape the public opinion when for example, any popular media person tweets that Taliban forced them to take responsibility of whole event – and thus they are the actual criminals. If arguing liability has to be the only criteria for making an incident to an entity, then brutal shooting in New York in 2009 was designed by Baituallah Mehsud. It sounds like a joke. The Talibans and militants are destroying the image of Pakistan in the whole world. Media and anchors are not shaping the opinions of masses. In the cases of Mumbai attacks, the Pakistani media showed that Ajmal Kasab was from Pakistan without any solid proof.

Taliban may be involved, but we should consider aforementioned questions. Why Taliban would benefit from this attack because the tourism industry is a source of income for people living in Gilgit Baltistan. This high profile incident involving the foreign tourists may carry some foreign hand, as well. We should not put everything on Taliban, instead we should analyze the whole situation before reaching a final conclusion.

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