Faran Tahir – A Pakistani-American Film, Television and Theater Actor

on Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Faran Tahir is Pakistani American television and film actor born in Los Angeles on February 16, 1964. Tahir Faran was born into Muslim Family living in Los Angeles where his parents had been directing, acting and studying at University of California. Tahir was raised up in Pakistan and returned to the United State of America in 1980. Tahir Faran completed his graduation degree from the Institute of Advance Theater Training at Harvard and B.A degree from University of California. He was nominated for many awards due to his excellent work in film and theater.

Faran Tahir’s father, Naseem Tahir, is a director general at Pakistan National Council of Arts. Faran has one brother and one sister. Tahir belongs to a well known theater family in India and Pakistan. Both parents, his father and mother, are writers, directors and actors in Pakistan.

Tahir Faran film career started in 1994 when he made his 1st first appearance in film Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book”. Later, Faran appeared in numerous films such as Picture Perfect in 1997, Anywhere But Here in 1999, an independent film ABCD in 1999, Charlie Wisdom War in 2007 and much more. Faran Tahir played the role of a villain as Raza in comic based film Iron Man in 2008 and in 2009, he played the role of Starfleet Captain Richard in movie Star Trek.

Tahir was a guest celebrity on various television series including The Practice, Alias, Family Law, NYDP Blue, The Agency, Lost, The West Wing, 7th Heaven, Walker, The D.A, Texas Ranger, Monk, 24, Cold Case, Justice, Warehouse 13, Chuck and much more. Faran also worked as a co-star with Chase Masterson and Robert Beltran in the movie Manticore by SCI-Fi Channel in 2005.

Tahir Faran has played the role in various medicinal drama series. He appeared as the Egyptian god Osiris in Supernatural CW series and as Isaac in Grey’s Anatomy series. Tahir will appear in his main role in the upcoming film ‘’Jinn’’. The most recent role of Tahir was frank, a right hand man in Dallas reboot. He also appeared in the episodes ‘’Meltdown’’ and ‘’Ice queen’’ in JAG.

Besides being a film and television actor, other duties and work of Faran Tahir includes Arabian Nights at Manhattan theater club, King Bahram in Mirror of Invisible World by Mary Zimmerman at Goodman Theater, Nirad Das role at Studio Theater in Indian Ink, Aram Tomasian role at Actor Theater in Beast on the Moon and Title role at Actor Theater in A Perfect Ganesh.

Faran Tahir height is 5′ 10″ (1.78 m). Star sign is Aquarius and personal quote is ‘’ We are all quick to point out all the differences but not as willing to accept what bonds us as humans’’

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