Bilal Ibn Rabbah – The First Muadhin in Islam

on Tuesday, July 2, 2013

His name is Abu Abdullah Bilal. The name of his father is Rabah. The name of his mother is Hamamah. He was a Habshi originated slave. He was born in Makkah. Bonu Jumah was their master. He was a black man as he was Habshi originated, but his heart was brave. That’s why he could respond to Islam before many powerful Kuraish leaders. There were not a lot of believers at that time when Bilal became a Muslim. But Bilal had the heart to announce his Islam. There were only 7 men who declared their Islam boldly and Hazrat Bilal was one of them.

Powerful people always oppress the weak people. Bilal was a weak man in that society. He was a mere slave. He had no free will. Oneness of Allah made him so powerful that he didn’t care about any oppression. He didn’t care about the torture. He endured all the agony for the sake of Iman. Hazrat Bilal didn’t refuse to announce the Tauhid in spite of all the tortures and convinces of Abu Jehel. He endured all the agony silently. When the kafirs used to torture him and tell him to back from Islam, he used to undergo all their coercion and pronounce “Ahad…Ahad..Ahad…”. Kafirs used all the strategies they could use to prevent him from Islam, but he was the patient man, he endowed them with failure.

When Rasulullah made his Hijrat, Bilal was there among all other Muslims. After the Hijrat, he made fraternity with Abu Ruaiha through Muhammad. They kept that brotherhood till the end of their life. Hazrat Bilal was a true lover of the messenger of Allah. He fought in all the battles of Islam. He played heroic contribution in Badr battle. He killed the great traitor Umaiya Ibn Khalf who used to torture him brutally.

He fought in Ohud, Tabuk, Khaibar and other battles valiantly. Hazrat Bilal was the first Muazzin of Islam. He was the Muazzin ( the mano who calls for prayers) of Rasulullah. He was the constant associate of rasulullah. Wherever rasulullah would go, Bilal used to accompany him. He used to love rasulullah so much that after death of Muhammad, he didn’t call for prayer ever. Hazrat Bilal, however, travelled Baitul Mukaddas with Omar during his khelafat. On the way, Omar requested him to announce for prayer. He accepted the request of the leader and obayed him. Hazrat Omar couldn’t control himself that he started crying. He had lost the ability to speak for a while listening the Azan of Bilal. At the eve of his life, great man Bilal was living in Syria. One night Rasulullah indicated him to go to Medina and visited Bilal in his dream.

During the visit, the people of Medina requested him for Azan. When Hazrat Bilal started azan, the people started crying. When he pronounced “Ashadu anna Muhammadar Rasulullah” the people rushed to the mosque crazily. Hazrat Bilal was a very favorite fellow of Muhammad. May Allah dignify his soul.

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