Are Muslims Biased?

on Monday, July 8, 2013

Self-assessment and self-appraisal are necessary for any kind of progress and improvement. Muslims blame, all the time, the west and the western media for their current situation and the miseries they have been facing for the last century. They are angry because of the innocent killings of their fellow brothers all around the world particularly in Palestine, Burma, Afganistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Kashmir. In other words, anger is due to the bad attitude of the people all around the world against the Muslim citizens of their respective countries. We cannot justify the attitude of Muslims but whether accepted or not, it is largely reactionary.

Muslims have two choices, number one, keep on their reactionary behavior and try to change the world without changing themselves. Secondly, they can change themselves in such a way that no one can blame them of the wrong doings all over the world. They need to focus on research, education, justice, good governance and peace loving policies. They also have to cut the roots of ignorance, dictatorships, terrorism, corruptions and bad governance.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just sit and consider! Was our yesterday different than today? Take the example of a Muslim youth. Today, lifestyle has totally changed. Right now is an ideal opportunity to simply sit. Does your son continually bothers you for purchasing him another iPod, and makes you acknowledge how exceptional a child he is? Don’t they gloat on you various times each day, that they don’t put tattoos, doesn’t have a female friend and don’t drink liquor thus they merit to get the new iPod.

So who is answerable for carrying such an extraordinary change in the social order? I suppose folks are to some degree guilty for it. Today, almost each Muslim family is provided with iPods, laptops, Wi-Fi, and so on. With a specific end goal to counteract their youngsters from fascinating in deceptive and un-Islamic exercises, folks have furnished them with such devices to make their time good. Parents then think that they have performed their duty and remain busy in their lives.

Movies and ads have ruled the teens today and Muslim youngsters are no exception. Youths are presently being utilized as cash making machines in light of the fact that they are addicted to their computerized surroundings. It is the time to comprehend and contemplate over the insensible scenarios and to spare the planet from slipping and dunking without an end in entanglement. The life and talent of every Muslim child is the asset of Ummah and need to be utilized in a constructive manner.

Given that the Muslim group is a mixed mosaic of individuals, different disposition exist towards terrorism, going from shock and vocal restriction to support. Some have seen an association between Islam and terrorism, in view of some high profile terrorist groups like Al Qaeda that pronounce religious explanations behind their assaults. Other terrorist bunches, notwithstanding, affirm no Islamic philosophy. The Muslim community should come forward and develop a consensus among different sects, communities and countries on the issue of terrorism and have a clear and common understanding and a good policy to stick to across the Muslim world.

Muslims have to do a lot in improving their vision of this world, attitude towards terrorism, lawlessness, bad governance, democracy, women empowerment, child labor, education, health and sectarian mistrust. Understanding the world around and having an unbiased vision of the world, other communities and religion is very much necessary in today’s globalized world.

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