Affirmative Policy Should Be Reviewed!?

on Monday, July 8, 2013

Affirmative action policy was made debatable yet again as the recent decision from the US Supreme Court came up. However, affirmative action policy refers to positive discrimination, but the question is: does this positive discrimination is helping the cause? When it comes to getting a job or even submitting the application at any University for securing admission how much race, sex and authenticity matters? The question still remains unanswered with the fact that it does not draw a clear picture of what was the point of making such policies. These policies were immensely criticized by the people when they were initially developed in mid-1960. The people who are in favor of this affirmative action policy claims that these kinds of policies have improved diversity and have provided the opportunity for this kind of people who otherwise would not be allowed to have the entry. Now, the point to ponder is; why there should be any discrimination and if there is something that needs to be done in order to nullify discrimination so there would be some other way.

While people, who are against this kind of affirmative action policies, say that it’s time to reconsider and review these kinds of policies. These polices are now outdated as most people say. The basic idea of having these policies was that by using these affirmative action affirmative policies, institutions and organizations can provide equal opportunities for the people or minority groups or been historically excluded. In some cases, some groups are not acknowledged enough, and they are not offered representation at any level. Using these polices, people that are underrepresented could have a chance. Mostly women’s and minorities are considered neglected. Recently, there have been enough debate on these policies and the people who are suffering from these kinds of ideas are having demonstrations. Considering this on 24th June, a white woman decided to go to the Supreme Court to file a case against these policies as she was denied admission to the University of Texas at Austin based on her race.

However, after the court ruling, it is clear that the even courts think that these kinds of policies should be carried on and should remain in place with the way they are being used by the universities and other institutions. After the court decision, there were chances raised that there would be demonstrations and protests against the laws that was affecting the people quite badly. The debates about this law will again be reignited that is it really necessary to have these laws in the society?

Demonstrations were led by the students who were denied admission on the bases of race. It is said that by banning affirmative actions, there are chances that minority enrollment in higher education will drop at drastic level. Affirmative action should be based on economic class rather than not race.

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