Holy Prophet’s Behavior Towards Others – Part 1

on Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was always very polite and gentle with others. He always treated people with kindness and tenderness. His manner was never belligerent, not even towards his enemies. His kind and gentle character endeared him to all; young and old, rich and poor, men and women.

ALLAH mentions this quality of the Holy Prophet (SAWW) in his book as follows,

It is part of the Mercy of Allah that thou dost deal gently with them. Wert thou severe or harsh hearted, they would have broken away from about thee…” (3:159)

Behavior towards Companions:

The Holy Prophet’s (SAWW) mercy, fellow feeling and concern for his companions was widely known. He used to enquire about the welfare of each one of his companions. He would get worried if any one of them did not visit Him for a couple of days. He took interest in their welfare as well as personal problems. He shared their joys and sorrows and was never indifferent to any one of them. It was due to his kindness that he was always surrounded by his devoted followers who would not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for him. They played a significant role in his successful political struggle.

Behavior towards Strangers:

The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) taught Muslims to protect the lives and belongings of strangers and wayfarers. After the death of Abdul Muttalib (RA), authority in Makkah had become more or less divided and there was no institution to ensure the individuals, peaceful enjoyment of their rights and property. Family ties afforded some degree of protection against injustice, but strangers were exposed to all sorts of oppression. After a  sacrilegious war, a league was formed with the object of suppressing any violence and injustice to the oppressed, whether citizen or stranger. The Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) was one of those who joined the league and was so impressed by its noble objective that he remained loyal to it throughout. Later, he would say that if he was again summoned to it, he would gladly respond.

Behavior towards Children:

The Holy Prophet (SAWW) loved children. A companion quoted Anas as sayings:

“I have never seen anyone act more kindly towards children than Allah’s Apostle.” (Afzal-ur-Rehman: Encyclopedia of Seerah Vol. 1)

Anas was reported to have said,

“I have never prayed behind an Imam who was more brief or more perfect in his prayer than Allah’s Apostle. If he heard a baby crying, he would shorten the prayer for fear that the mother might be distressed.”(Afzal-ur-Rehman: Encyclopedia of Seerah Vol. 1)

His love and kindness was not confined to Muslim children only. Once in a battle, a few children came into the battlefield and were killed. The Holy Prophet (SAWW) was distressed about this. Someone told him that they were children of the unbelievers to which He replied:

“Even children of unbelievers are better than you. Beware! Do not kill children.” (Afzal-ur-Rehman: Encyclopedia of Seerah Vol. 1)


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