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In the history of Islam, the day of Eid-ul-Azha relates to the holy sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim and his son Hazrat Ismaael. Allah had blessed Hazrat Ibrahim with everything he needed to lead a good life. One day Allah decided to take a test of Ibrahim.

Hazrat Ibrahim was asked to sacrifice his son for Allah. Without any hesitation, he agreed to do so. Also Hazrat Ismaeel agreed with his father’s wish. So Hazrat Ibrahim took his son to the slaughter place. In the meanwhile, Shaitaan tried his level best to forbid both Hazrat Ibrahim and Ismaeel from this task, but he failed to do so. When both Ibrahim and Ismaeel reached the slaughter place, Ibrahim put a piece of cloth onto his eyes and started sacrificing his son. He passed in his test by Allah and his son was kept safe and sound. So the history of Eid-ul-Azha is related to this beautiful historical incident.

Eid-ul-Azha is observed when the hajj is performed by the Muslims every year. It is celebrated on 10th of Zilhajj. Usually Islamic months begin on the day of lunar crescent appearing at the time of sunset and when it is seen with the unaided eyes. Eid-ul-Azha word is borrowed into some Indic languages such as Urdu, Gujrati, Hindi, Bangali and Tamil. In muslim countries Eid-ul-Azha is also called Baqar Eid.

This eid, as similar to eid-ul-fiter is celebrated with its full. It carries with itself lots of chances to enjoy and get rid of usual daily routine. Cousins meet and greet each other and exchange of gifts also takes place on this special day. Children go to the playgrounds, playlands as fast food restaurants on this day. These places are seen crowdie during eid days. Elders are usually seen busy greeting their friends, relative and other beloved ones for this special day.

When the day of eid arrives, the Muslims firstly go for namaz of eid to the mosques or Eidgaahs. Afterwards they enjoy any sort of sweet and tea in their breakfast and have lots of fun with their family members. Keeping in mind the more values of Islam and sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim, the Muslims purchase goats, camels, cows etc to sacrifice in the way of Allah and His happiness.

They are found to make efforts to get accepted their animals in the way of Allah. May Allah accept the sacrifices of every Muslim, Ameen. As a Muslim we do believe the true teachings of Quran and Quran clarifies that Allah has given this great promise to Ibrahim that he would be the father of many nations of the future. In a quotation this promise has being made clear that, “Lo: I have appointed thee a leader for mankind”. (Surah 2.124).

In another surah of Quran from Genesis 15.5, “Look toward heaven, and number the stars, if you are able to number them”. It is strongly required that we as Muslims should follow the true preaching’s and examples of our Prophets as they are the true persons to show us the right path, which is a path of Islam and religious values. This can ultimately lead us too close to Allah and win His heavens for us. May Allah give us strength to fulfill all our religious duties with full responsibility, Ameen.

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